Specialty Circuit Board Services

ATE and BIB hardware supplier

Here at Cybernetworks, LLC. we have extensive background in producing test hardware for some of the most popular ATE systems in use including the LTX Synchromaster HT, Spea C600MX and C600MX-C, and Teredyne J750 test systems.  Most importantly, we do this at a significant cost savings to you over working with ATE system vendors directly without sacrificing quality.  The short run fab and assembly of these systems makes them expensive for the vendors who have large overhead.  We are able to save you money based on our small-business classification.

We have excellent relationships with top PCB manufactures all located in the U.S. who can build these PCB's with high quality, maintaining the rigorous specs for flatness and thickness demanded by these applications, along with excellent on-time delivery.  This allows us to be your main source for PCB fab and assembly on these systems.

Burn-in board or BIB systems have their own unique challenges in assembly.  The use of polyimide materials is a necessity in a BIB application and we are equipped to handle this material for assembly.  With our current Blue M oven we can accommodate polyimide pre-bake specifications to boards as large as 19.95" x 24.95" for safe SMT/reflow application.  

If you have an ATE system or BIB system and need hardware PCB layout, PCB fab, or circuit board assembly please reach out to us today for a consultation and quote!

*Note: we do not provide spider attachment for probe card assembly.