PCB Manufacturing and Assembly

Providing a full range of services to take your circuit board requirements from design all the way to assembly.

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Professional PCB Assembly

PCB assembly

Cybernetworks LLC has been in the custom printed circuit board service business for over 20 years.  We provide a full range of services including PCB circuit design, short run PCB production, and PCB prototype assembly.  With special expertise in automatic test equipment (ATE) hardware including Load Board, Probe Card, and DUT board fabrication and assembly along with burn-in board production for the test engineering field.  For inquiring test engineers and purchasers to learn more please click below!

ATE Test Hardware

Circuit Board Source

PCB repair

We have expertise in industrial circuit board reverse engineering and PCB repair.  Industrial circuit boards that run older equipment can be difficult to replace.  Many times the OEM no longer supports these older machines and their sub-systems.  We can help!  Give us a call or email today to find out how!

Circuit board Repair

PCB Design and Circuit Board Manufacturing

Circuit board

We offer in-house PCB schematic capture with layout and design.  If you need help with creating a PCB we can do the job for you at extremely competitive pricing!  We can also help with circuit board fabrication.  We use a wide variety of high quality vendors for our fabrication needs.  Located in the U.S.A. and overseas, we have a wide spectrum of manufacturers to meet your circuit board needs and demands.  Request a quote today!

PCB Design